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Special Autumn Set



Rather than constantly looking for a new moisturizer, you can include an anti-ageing facial oil to your routine. Natural oil free of any chemicals contains high levels of essential fatty acids.

Discover a wonderful change.

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Jomeer Anti-dandruff Shampoo is a mix of Dead Sea mineral salts and plant extracts.

Therefore it takes care of your hair by clearing dandruff.

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Skin is the reflection of your health.

The originality of JOMEER products lies in the special formula devised to follow with everyone’s needs.

The basis of our products is a unique mix of minerals, herbs and vitamins that help you in the skin care process.

We use a unique blend that rebuilds the chemical balance of the skin and at once gives a sense of relaxation. It also restores elasticity to ageing skin, giving a fresh look.

Magnesium and bromine enhance and help deep detoxification and cleaning.

Dead Sea minerals help in various types of skin allergies.


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Skin is the reflection of your health.

According to Chinese medicine, there are 600 nerve points on the face, which we can be stimulated with the help of massage. All of this is related to certain organs, so, we could say that while massaging the face, we are massaging, in fact, the entire body. Facial massages can stimulate those energetic channels, called […]


The majority wants to be healthy as they age so as to achieve this goal you must follow a healthy diet and lifestyle. Nutrient-rich dieting slows ageing and helps to avoid age-related chronic diseases. A diet rich in vegetables, fruits and whole grains is key. In the following lines, you will discover tips on dieting for […]


What happens to the skin as time goes by? Although the skin follows the natural ageing process like other organs, a long list of factors, such as tobacco, the environment, sun exposure is affecting it. The first signs of skin ageing frequently appear around the eyes. Also around the nose and above the upper lip. One reason […]


Facial and body treatments that result in deep skin cleansing, therapeutic effects and skin hydration contain minerals from the Dead Sea that are well known for their benefits. In order to be convinced by the results, we are waiting for you at Ramada Plaza Craiova Hotel.

Ana Ionescu

With love, team Urban Oasis Spa & Wellness!

Good Manufacturing Practice

Our efforts remain focused on keeping standards of quality and professionalism, on permanent evolution and return to nature richness.

Wide Range of Minerals

Our products contain Dead Sea water, mud and salt that together with the blend of vitamins and plant extracts help the process of body care and beauty.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

The external packaging of our products (boxes, bags) are made of recyclable cardboard and the containers are made of recycled and recyclable materials.

Cruelty Free

It is important to note that none of our products were tested on animals.

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