• Jomeer Beauty is a company dependent on the dead sea riches our mission is to provide an elite line of Dead Sea basedcosmetics aimed for the use of everyone regardless of age and gender . Since the Dead Sea is a unique place on Earth (lowest point on earth). It has the highest concentration of mud salts and minerals that have many benefits. Jomeer Dead Sea uses extraction methods in order to produce creams and other cosmetic products from it, for a clean and healthy skin. over 95% of the ingredients used are natural and the basis of our products is a unique composition of minerals, plants and vitamins aimed at skin caring.Our specialists combine a wide range of minerals such as Bromine, Magnesium, Sulphur, Potassium, Calcium, Zinc and plant extracts such as chamomile, almonds, aloe vera, green tea, marigolds, argan, avocado, fennel, cucumber, wheat germs, ginger, nettle, jojoba, coconut, rosemary, Cayenne pepper.The originality of JOMEER products lies in the special formula devised to comply with everyone’s needs.

our competitive prices, efficiency and high quality products have allowed us to surpass the expectations of the receiving party. We aspire to build a solid reputation and maintain our credibility before national and international non-profit organizations that cater for the needs of refugees and the underprivileged in Jordan and the surrounding countries. Furthermore, we were able to meet all of the terms and conditions required in each tender we have been awarded and have preceded the set deadlines each time.