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  • relaxation What type of massage suits us? by Mihaela Iliescu We all know there are different types of massage: relaxation, therapeutically, in the depth of tissues, palliative massage or athletics. If we want to relax and we also have muscle tension, it is good to follow the advice of a massage therapist. However, we need some basic information before reaching it. Relaxation massage is the […]
  • beautiful hair What foods to eat for a healthy and beautiful hair by Mihaela Iliescu The way we choose what we eat drastically influences the state of health, but also the appearance of the skin or hair. Depending on what you use to put on the plate, you can have beautiful hair or, on the contrary, an unhealthy and unkempt hair. When certain foods are found in the daily diet, […]
  • collagen Foods that stimulate collagen production by Mihaela Iliescu Collagen is an essential substance for the skin, for a young and beautiful look! See what foods you can consume to stimulate its production! Our body produces less collagen as we get older. It is located beneath the epidermis. It is the basis of tissues that support the structure of the skin and organs. Sun, […]
  • massage How to make a balanced massage while showering! by Mihaela Iliescu According to Chinese medicine, there are 600 nerve points on the face, which we can be stimulated with the help of massage. All of this is related to certain organs, so, we could say that while massaging the face, we are massaging, in fact, the entire body. Facial massages can stimulate those energetic channels, called […]
  • diet 3 Practical Tips In Dieting by Consultant Pharmacist Valentin Scurtu The majority wants to be healthy as they age so as to achieve this goal you must follow a healthy diet and lifestyle. Nutrient-rich dieting slows ageing and helps to avoid age-related chronic diseases. A diet rich in vegetables, fruits and whole grains is key. In the following lines, you will discover tips on dieting for […]
  • skin ageing WHY IS OUR SKIN AGEING? by Consultant Pharmacist Valentin Scurtu What happens to the skin as time goes by? Although the skin follows the natural ageing process like other organs, a long list of factors, such as tobacco, the environment, sun exposure is affecting it. The first signs of skin ageing frequently appear around the eyes. Also around the nose and above the upper lip. One reason […]
  • Dead Sea products WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF USING DEAD SEA MUD SOAP? by Consultant Pharmacist Valentin Scurtu Why use Dead Sea products? When we talk about the Dead Sea, we talk about a unique place on earth. The concentration of minerals, salt and mud are recognized by specialists as beneficial to our body. Also, Dead Sea natural products are used in SPAs all over the world. Jomeer Cosmetics has a range of […]
  • skin care YOUR SKIN – HYGIENE, CARE OR “LET IT BE” by Consultant Pharmacist Valentin Scurtu IT’S ALL ABOUT SKIN CARE! It is said that the physical aspect is the most important, as it contributes to the first impression that others have about us and if we are, to be honest, that’s the truth. For a physically groomed look we do not need much but just a little self-esteem, hygiene and […]