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It is said that the physical aspect is the most important, as it contributes to the first impression that others have about us and if we are, to be honest, that’s the truth. For a physically groomed look we do not need much but just a little self-esteem, hygiene and care for our skin.

Why is skin care important?

Well, let’s think a little about your face after you “forgot” to remove your makeup from the night before, think about a face burned by the sun because you forgot to apply a cream or a lotion to protect it. After a short period of such negligence in skin care, the skin will change its healthy and natural appearance. THEN, the questions come (why does my skin look like this? what happened to my face? last year it was perfect! etc.) and then endless attempts of finding the best lotions, skin treatments or even old folk remedies.

What shall we do? How do we care for our skin properly? How do we fix what we “broke”?

I do not think there is a proper skin care that is generally valid for all of us. Instead, we should know or learn that skin needs cleansing, protection, hydration.

We live in the era of technology and information that travel fascinatingly fast. Let’s use this information to take care of us. Search, read, filter information and find out what’s best for you and your skin.

BIO products – the gift of nature for us? Why BIO?

Natural skin care products are a starting point in returning to a healthy and beautiful skin. These products contain the vitamins and minerals needed by our skin.

JOMEER products use the benefits of nature to help you taking care of your skin. We combined water from the Dead Sea, salt-rich minerals, vitamins, extracts and natural herbal oils, resulting in a series of absolutely wonderful products that we will discover together in the articles to come.

JOMEER brings the Dead Sea to your home!


Consultant Pharmacist Valentin Scurtu

Consultant Pharmacist Valentin Scurtu

Hi, My name is Valentin, I am a consultant pharmacist for 13years and I'm working with Jomeer's team providing advises in terms of health and beauty.

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